TUNA School is Back in Session!

Hello Fellow Fish!

This season has come and gone, September is upon us, Labor Day has passed, and as summer fades into fall, the inevitable September back to school atmosphere is undeniable. The Tuna School of Thought is no different. 

After a year long hiatus, set in place due to a lack of computing power, school is back in session with the added advantage of hindsight and a bit of nostalgic motivation to fill in our fellow fish on the happenings of the past year. Obviously, there has been a lot that has happened in the time since our last post. As such, over the coming months we will be releasing one entry per week describing our travels across the Asian and European continent with riveting prose and truly inspiring photography. 

This being just the introduction to the upcoming entries, we will provide you with just a brief overview of things to look forward to. Picking up right where we left off:

Vietnam-A north to south journey through the entire country. Introduction to motorbikes and the art of haggling(Prerequisite: Motorbiking 401 and Haggling 301)

Herding goats on the sand dunes in Mui Ne
Thailand (the first time through)- The Tunas grow by one, Island life, and SCUBA! (prereq: mortorbike 101, haggling 101, Adv. Open Water 201, Wreck Cert. 302)

Full Moon Party

Justin joins the school
Laos and Cambodia-A step back in history through countries marred by civil war, genocide and the ongoing battle against America's "left overs" from the Vietnam war. Plus our short stint in the Peace Corps of America (motorbike 101, haggling 201, mechanics 402, Intro. to Patience with Public Transportation 103)

Thailand (the second time)-briefly stopped in transit. (subject to inclusion of the preceding or subsequent entry)

Myanmar (aka Burma)-The melting pot of South East Asia. Newly opened borders to foreign and tourist interests. Our currency dilemma, temples, and WEDDING CRASHING (prerequ: haggling 301)

Thailand (the third time)- Christmas and New Year's. The battle against time (and the Indian Embassy)

India-Transportation and Tea (chai) (PREREQ: haggling: Ph.D, Patience with Transportation 402)
-Part I-Kolkutta and Darjeeling-meeting locals and friends, and watching the sunrise over the Himalayas (seeing Everest)

-Part II-New Delhi-seeing old friends, up to and including Snoop Dogg aka Snoop Lion

-Part III-Mumbai-couch surfing and our ticket to fame (BOLLYWOOD)

-Part IV-Andaman Islands-Port Blair, Havelock Island and more island life including but not limited to SCUBA diving. Plus more certifications. And the final farewells

Turkey-Israel-Prague (and various European countries)
-first hand accounts from contributing individual writers

Conclusion-maximizing space anywhere (cars, rooms, etc), negotiation, awareness (surroundings and self), and lessons learned from time spent in transit

This syllabus should take us right up to winter break. If anyone has any questions feel free to email or call. Make sure you come to office hours if you want to brown nose and earn a few extra credit points. Please double check that you have completed the prerequisite courses prior to the "add/drop" period.

All in all, we are really excited to share our stories with everyone because there is little to no outlet for us anywhere else other than right here on the interwebs. Now that everyone is back home and has had time to digest the last 2+ years, the time is right for everyone to drop what they are doing and tune(a) in for the up coming weekly series.

Get excited. Tell your friends. And don't forget to subscribe. 

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Until Next Time,

The Tunas

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