Tuna's Nippon Reunion and Grand Opening of the Asia Tour

[discaimer: This is the first mobile blog post. I have sent my laptop home and do not have access to a regular keyboard. So I apologize for any iPhone auto correction mistake and for the lack of photo organization (they are all at the bottom) as I have yet to figure out how to organize them in an orderly fashion.]

The Tunas have regrouped from a brief hiatus and are on an Asian continental tour.

Before the reunion, there was a lot of family time for Young Mitch and myself. Having come from Australia together we made sure we maximized the time with the family. Because it had been over a year that I had seen my immediate family and even more so for the members of my extended family. And when we had to say goodbye, we did so with a heavy heart, for we truly don't know the next time we'll see them.

Moving on, here is a brief overview of our time in Japan so far:

Incredible food. Sushi, ramen, udon, gyoza, Beetles, anything and everything. (Picture 2, 4, &8)

We have spent a lot of time going to temples and ancient shrines. In kamakura with the 'daibatsu' which means 'great Buddha.' As well as Asakusa, Tokyo. (Pictures 1&5)

Sleeping in Capsule Hotels! (Picture 9)

Hanging out in Tokyo with great views of city skylines at night. It's here that the striking dichotomy of Japan can be seen the most. Japan, whilst being such an advanced and modern society, still holds on to so much of its culture and tradition. It's truly astounding to be reminded just how much history they have as a country and the balance that they have come to between tradition and progress. (Pictures 3, 5, &6)

We have made new friends and were fortunate enough to have them be able to tolerate our shenanigans and actually want to hang out with us more than once (lolz). (Picture 7)

We have since left Tokyo and are now on our journey south. We took the bullet train to Nagoya and are staying with my mom's cousin. She has been a gracious host and we had the famous Nagoya fried chicken, then went to pachinko (pachinko is basically Japan's version of slot machines except they are very high tech and full of animation and lots and lots of noise. I would go so far as to say deafening) and actually won about $150! Tomorrow we will make out way to Tsugura and our adventures will continue to Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima, Beppu (see blog posts from 2010), Fukuoka, and then off to Korea, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, and India. We are definitely readjusting to traveler life after being settled in Sydney for so long. But are most certainly looking forward to the challenges and adventure that lie ahead.

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Until Next Time,

The Tunas

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