Beginning of the End

Hello Friends,

I write today with a heavy heart. I find myself having a hard time accepting that this week is the last week i will spend here at APU. As i mentioned before, i have been doing my best to stay busy and squeeze in some last minute sight seeing before i leave. Last week, when i said yet another farewell to a dear friend returning to his home country of Croatia me along with some friends were able to see one of the most beautiful onsens beppu has to offer.

This particular onsen was on the roof of a hotel that overlooked the entire city. I was a little skeptical about going because of the price and the location being somewhat far away, but i was anything but after i experienced this onsen. This onsen had pools on the endge of the roof that overlooked the city, and i was able to sit down in the hot water on a beautiful and clear evening and see for miles in all directions. There were countless pools of water each of varying temperature and all equally satisfying. There was a cave that they put some kind of herbal substance in the water and around the walls of the cave that made it smell like a forest and it was said to have healing powers of the forest. The sauna was amazing as well. There was an enormous window that allowed anyone inside to enjoy the view of Beppu and Oita from the comforts of the sauna. We stayed as long as we could before finally calling it a night and heading back to school.

As the title of this entry suggests i am at the beginning of the end of my trip here. It saddens me that such a great time in my life must come to an end. But i have done my best not to dwell on such grim notions. Instead i am going to fully enjoy this last week, despite the finals, and make the best of what time i have left. Exactly what that entails i do not yet know but i look forward to the numerous "last hurrahs" as they might be and need to focus on getting rid of the junk i have accumulated over the last 5 months. The idea of packing has only just crossed my mind and i hope that i will be able to fit everything. But once i get all of that sorted out i should be good and ready to go.

I leave Beppu this Friday after my last final and make for Fukuoka. Where I will see off some friends who leave that day or the next. On the first of august i embark for Thailand and plan to stay there for 10 days at which point i will return to Japan and await my final departure for the USA.

Until Next Time,


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  1. If I was you I'd "pick up my guitar and play" (name the song and band that has those lyrics. Hint. My era.)anywhere over there that i could and wait till the U.S. gets it's BS together.
    You'd better at least drop one more blog from Tie-land, is it? Tie-Won? Tie-Won-On? Wonder how Mr. Won feels about that? (Sometimes I just kill me. Ha,ha,ha,ha!)
    Glad ya had a good time.