Finals Finally Finished

Hello Friends,

The last few weeks you may have noticed i hadn't written anything and the reason for that is simple, there was nothing that had happened worth writing about. But today marks a joyous occasion that must be celebrated to the fullest extent and that is FINALS FOR QUARTER 1 ARE OVER!! For those of you who don't know, this is fantastic news because i can now focus my efforts on getting ready for my trip to okinawa, which i am sure will have much more fun stories to write about.

To sum up, i just wanted to let my readers know i am still alive and well doing the usual stuff (hangin on the beach at night, hiking, going to the onsen, etc.) all the things that were novelties have since lost their novelty but are still enjoyable. Just know this, i am SUPER excited about Okinawa this week and it should be a blast. I will be without internet for about 5-6 days and will therefore be unreachable. However, i will take a lot of pictures and make sure to keep everyone in the loop when i get back to school next week.

Until Next Time,


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  1. Please keep your shirt on (for the benefit of your reader's eye and my stomach) during any photo ops you may encounter.