Revalations, and Conspriacy?

Hello Friends,

Today was my first day out in the city of Yokohama alone with out anyway of anyone reaching me via cellphone and without anyone actually knowing my whereabouts. And all day i couldn't help but feel i was forgetting something. I was in the fastest passenger elevator in the world when it occurred to me why i couldn't shake the feeling. i did not have a cell phone with me. over the years i have become accustomed to having that device in my left pant pocket all day everyday. and the fact i did not have it made me feel naked, exposed, vulnerable. i found myself walking around and constantly patting my pocket to see if it was there just out of habit. or i would feel the urge to text someone just because i was bored. when i realized. I am sick. i have an addiction to being connected and always able to communicate with someone by the touch of a button.

by the same token i feel liberated from technology (yes i realize the irony in saying that as i blog) by not having a cell phone. i don't need to worry about my mom calling and checking in every hour. or returning that text to someone who wants to do something that you don't really want to do. i can just come and go as i please and be able to honestly say "no i didn't get ur text".

as i was waiting for the crosswalk to change, i noticed a Toyota parked off to my left. and another on waiting for the light in front of me. then i realized I'M IN JAPAN. there are tons of toyotas on the road many of which are hybrids. in fact Japan has the most hybrid cars on the road in the world, mostly out of necessity, but nonetheless this fact made me wonder:

Japan has exponentially more Toyota hybrids on the road than America yet not one incident has been reported about the cars having trouble as they have in America. The Japanese are the most thorough and meticulous people around (not to stereotype but its the asian way) and for such a deadly mistake to get by them it sounds uncharacteristic. which made me think, Toyota is one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world. why only in America were there accidents such as the sticking accelerators and not anywhere else? sure some americans are just plain dumb, and probably shouldn't be behind the wheel of a car in the first place (see http://liveshots.blogs.foxnews.com/2010/03/22/driver-error-in-toyota-prius-investigation/?test=latestnews) but lets dig deeper. who are Toyota's competitors in America? GM. Ford. Chrysler. just to name a few. Who owns those car companies? THE U.S GOVERNMENT. i love america, and i have never been one for conspiracy theory. but the signs cannot be ignored. the U.S government needs to create jobs and start having people buy american. but they just have not been able to compete since the bailout. so they resort to a little mudslinging like they did in the 80's, fabricate the illusion of malfunctioning Toyotas and the people start hate Japanese products and buy American. i'm not sayin anythin i'm just sayin...

Some food for thought,


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