God's Great Earth

Hello Friends,

I spent most of today and yesterday just meeting tons of new people from all over the world and getting acclimated to my new school. i truly don't think i will ever get used to the view and my surroundings here. the landscape is absolutely breath taking, and i hardly use that word. i feel like im not doing it justice by trying to describe it with mere words. the rolling mountains and view of the sea are make me sit in awe of God's great earth. i spent literally 15 minutes just looking out and around trying to take it all in. i attempted to take a picture but A. my camera is garbage and B. even the best camera wouldn't be able to capture the majesty of what i was seeing.

Tonight i found myself, along with my new friend Brad and his friend from Oita, exploring the outskirts of Beppu. We drove around and eventually wound up at an Ancient Castle in the suburbs of Beppu. There was a park and garden surrounding it with big obelisks and statues as well as a shrine which was dark and ominous. the sun was just setting when we got to the castle gate, and we realized it was closed. But just like any other group of curious foreigners in the 20's we scaled the wall and broke into the Castle courts. it was difficult to see but around it there were what looked like graves or some sort of burial grounds, marked with little statues and other stones. we made our way to the just as the moon was peaking up over the horizon, and things got kinda spooky. we were taking pictures and exploring ways to get into the castle but found none. instead we turned our focus to the full moon on the horizon that was tinted a reddish orange and shone so bright in the night time sky.

I felt like i was watching a time lapse from atop this hill, with an ancient castle at my back, watching the moon slowly climb higher from behind its heavenly curtain. Breath taking. The way the moonlight reflected off the water was almost too perfect to be real. it seemed like an over achieving, detail oriented, graphic design artist just spent the hours creating this scene and just decided to put it on display tonight. further proof for me to discredit the big bang theory. no way could this scene have been an accident. my friends were equally amazed by the scene, again it seemed TOO perfect to be real, and began snapping pictures of the full moon. but i stood and gazed just trying to burn the image into my mind because there is no way a picture or my words could have done it justice.

On the way back to school we stopped to explore a traditional japanese town/area of a town. it was cool to see that so much from the past has been preserved in this little corner of the earth. this part of japan seems to have been kept in a time capsule over the years and unmarred by the western influences over architecture, lifestyle and the likes. Once back at school i we proceeded to indulge and relax with some sake and music. how sweet it is



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  1. I fully expect access to these photos when you get back- Beppu can be added to the list of cities I paint