The Beginning

Hello Friends,
As many of you may already know i have been adamantly against the idea of micro blogging for a good portion of my life due in large part to the fact that i feel that it is the undoing of the fabric of american society, in that there are so many people out there who have opinions and just don't know how to filter those opinions into rational thoughts. thus inundating us with the mindless banter of seemingly unintelligent beings who undeservingly call themselves americans exercising their first amendment right of free speech. but in my frustration with the blogging world i found myself to be severely myopic in the sense that i did not allow myself to see the good that could be done through blogging. that being the case it has been made clear to me that in order for me to pass judgement on such a popular tool for communication i must first experience said tool and make draw a conclusion based on my own observations.
So, in the coming days, weeks, months, years i will do my best to update those who are interested on the happenings of my life. i hope that i will not bore with the mundane facets of the world, but intrigue with the exhilaration that is my life.
In 9 days time i will be departing my home state of New Jersey and setting my sights on living in the "Land of the Rising Sun" or more affectionately known as Japan. Through this blog i hope to interest my followers by helping them live vicariously through me and my adventures and enter into a realm of possibilities and unknown. mystery and intrigue. while providing riveting prose in which one will hardly be able to look away. save for that last piece i will do my best make all these things come true. i hope everyone will enjoy.

Until next time,


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